If you have gum issues, it is important to practice gum massage! Massages can help you with the following:
– Make your gums healthy: Massage helps with blood circulation in the gums that can help them stay healthy and strong
– Prevent disease: Gum disease is one of the most common problems, and it is linked to other health issues if not treated, and massage will prevent the disease from developing.
– Reduce inflammation: If you have inflammation issues, massage can reduce the size of the inflammation.

Here is how to massage your gum

– Don’t put too much pressure on the finger when massaging
– Massage for at least two minutes every day
– Move from the inside of the gum to the outside
– Massage all parts of the gum line

Best ways to massage your gum line

– Thumb and index finger are the best way to massage the gums
– Massage each tooth going from the inside of the gum to the outside
– Use a toothbrush to massage the gum line

Those who shouldn’t practice gum massage

– Pregnant women
– Diabetic patient
– Those on blood thinners

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