So, you’ve heard about laser dental work and immediately your mind goes to Star Trek or some other sci-fi fiction that you have been exposed to! This treatment may sound dangerous or other-worldly, but it actually has several benefits that could help you and your family.

Read on for more information on this peculiar, fairly new dental treatment.

What is it?

Laser dentistry uses a laser to change or remove mouth tissue in small amounts. Most issues that are treated are related to the gums. In some cases, laser treatment can be used instead of drills. The laser will be focused on the tissue in the problem area, with the goal of stimulating it or removing it, depending on the condition being treated. Treatments are usually for tooth decay, gum disease, and teeth whitening.

There are usually two types of lasers used for hard and soft tissue. Each laser has a different frequency for its intended use. There are different kinds of tissues that are compatible with different wavelengths, requiring different types of lasers for their treatment.



is it safe?

Absolutely, as long as your therapy treatments are performed by a licensed doctor. Dentists have been using lasers since 1989.  Cold laser therapy is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so you can be rest assured that it is safe to use. Laser therapy might actually be safer than other dental treatments – the laser sterilizes the gums, so your risk of getting an infection or injury is less likely after your procedure.

Just a quick note: Laser therapy is not recommended for pregnant women, since its effect on unborn children is still unknown.



Does it hurt?

No, most people don’t even feel it! Some people may feel a little stimulation or vibration. Cold laser therapy is truly a painless procedure, making it preferable compared to other forms of dental treatments. You will also be given some anesthesia, though it won’t be as much as you would get for a different dental procedure.


How long does it take?

Luckily, this laser therapy only takes a few minutes for most treatments. This technology is gaining popularity fast, since it is so convenient and minimally invasive. It is also a great option for children and minimizes their anxiety.

How could it benefit me?

Laser dentistry provides several benefits, including:

    • Tooth decay removal
    • Gum disease and benign oral tumor removal
    • Biopsy or lesion removal
    • Teeth whitening
    • Cavity treatment
    • Canker and cold sore pain
    • Root canal treatment
    • Gum inflammation and reshaping
    • Wisdom teeth treatment
    • Regenerating damaged nerves



What should i expect after treatment?

Luckily, recovery from this type of treatment is much easier than a regular operation. You will be given post-treatment care instructions by your dentist. You won’t have to deal with much pain or bleeding. Recovery time will be minimal compared to other procedures.



I’D Like to try it!

More and more dentists are offering laser treatments, so you’re likely to find one nearby. Consult with a dentist to see if laser treatments could benefit you in your situation. If laser treatment is right for you, your experience will most likely be a pleasant one! 

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