You might not know whether you need a root canal or not, but if you have painful, damaged teeth, it might be the time.

These are common symptoms to look for:

– Pimples on your gums
– Chipped or cracked teeth
– Severe pain while chewing or biting
– Tender and swollen gums
– Decay or darkening of the hums
– Lingering sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures

These are not all of the symptoms of needing a root canal, but the most common. There might be no symptoms at all, and that’s why it’s essential to get your teeth cleaned regularly!

What is a root canal?

A root canal aims to remove bacteria from the infected root canal. The procedure involves removing the inflamed and infected pulp that is inside your tooth. The tooth is then cleaned out, disinfected, and sealed with a crown.

This procedure is relatively painless, and you are given medication for the pain. You might feel uncomfortable after the procedure. A root canal could take one to two visits to get your permanent crown properly adhered to your teeth.

Whether you are in pain or not, regular dentist visits are important to keep your mouth and body healthy. Please schedule your appointment with us today!

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