The holidays are such a fun time to be with family and friends. There are games, quality time, and delicious food. While these foods might taste great, they’re not the best for your teeth. If you want to know what those foods are, check out this article!

Sugar Cookies

Cookies are a staple of most holidays! But did you know that all that sugar can accelerate tooth decay and give you cavities? All things are okay in moderation, but make sure to look out for your teeth!


Stuffing is the perfect side for a Thanksgiving turkey! But it’s really bad for your mouth. The starch converts into sugar and hangs out in your teeth until you can brush or floss. If this is on the menu, make sure you brush as soon as you can!


There are so many types of popcorn. Caramel, cheddar, buttered, etc.! They’re sweet, salty, and a fun snack food. But popcorn can get stuck in your gums and allow for bacteria to build up. Sticky caramel popcorn can stick right to your teeth.


This drink is pure sugar! The problem with sugar is that it always sticks to your teeth and wears your enamel down. If your eggnog has alcohol, it can result in dry mouth and bad breath later in the night.

These foods are delicious and, if eaten, should be done in moderation. If you want a better selection, cheese, nuts, turkey, and veggie are the best holiday food options!

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