Most parents would agree that raising a teen is a difficult task. When a child enters adolescence, he starts becoming his own person, and that process usually comes with its own set of challenges – first crushes, mood swings, and peer pressure, to name a few. However, one thing that rarely gets your attention is your teen’s dental habit.

Since it is in their teens when kids acquire their full set of adult teeth, it is the perfect time to reinforce good dental habits in them. Here are a few ways with which you can manage your teen’s dental habits.

Inculcate Good Dental Habits
The very first step is to help your teen practice good dental habits. Here are a few of them.
● Brushing regularly, and at least twice a day to ensure good oral health.
● Flossing every day.
● Replacing the toothbrush after a certain time period, as old toothbrushes fail to clean properly.
● Brushing slowly and softly. Over-brushing harms the gums.

Tips To Maintain Dental Hygiene

● Care For Braces
Having braces is quite common among teenagers since this is the time when they start growing their permanent teeth. If you see that your young adult needs braces, take him or her to a trusted orthodontist immediately. Some teenagers face dental anxieties at this stage. As a parent, it is your responsibility to talk them through these fears and help them get the right counseling and dental care.

● The Right Dental Care Products
Make sure that your teenager is using the right dental care product to maintain hygiene. Consult a dentist for the right toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, and share any concerns or issues he is facing when buying these products.

● Guards For The Pearly Whites
Teenage years are the years when young adults engage in physical activities and sports. That’s why it is important to take the right precautions to safeguard their teeth from any potential damage. If your teen is into a sport where he or she may suffer a sports-related injury, make them wear a mouth guard for safety.

● Healthy Eating Habits
Eating healthy food is the best way to maintain good oral hygiene. By consuming a lot of green vegetables and water and avoiding sugary items, your kid can stay clear from problems like tooth decay.

Things To Watch Out For

● Adolescent Sugar Cravings
Experts suggest that most children going through puberty end up gaining unhealthy eating habits. They start eating more junk food and indulge in sugar cravings, which badly impacts their oral health. This happens because their bodies are growing and they consume more energy. An excellent way to counter this problem is by keeping snacks like fruits and sugarless granola bars within your kid’s reach so that he or she will have something to chew on.

● Sodas & Sports Drinks
Sports drinks and sodas have a large quantity of sugar in them, which can easily cause tooth decay. Ask your teen to avoid them as much as possible. A good idea is to substitute these drinks with healthy, freshly made fruit and vegetable juices.

● Popular But Unhealthy Fads
Teenagers have a tendency to follow fads to impress their peers. While some are totally harmless, others like tongue and lip piercings can actually cause damage to your kid’s oral well-being. Not to mention, there is a risk of teeth damage due to repeated rubbing that happens between his or her teeth and the piece of jewelry.

Regular Dental Checkups
Take your teen to a dentist after regular intervals to ensure that there are no issues with his or her oral health. Being an expert, the dentist will be able to provide your kid with the right guidance and will help him or her understand the importance of maintaining dental hygiene.

If you need help in maintaining your teen’s oral health, our experts at Abingdon Box Hill Dentistry are always available at your service. Call us at 410-569-8500 to book an appointment.

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