When it comes to taking care of your teeth, there’s a big difference between doing it and doing it right. Many of us go through the motions of flossing our teeth, but if you’re not doing it right, we aren’t gaining all of the health benefits of flossing that we could be. So let’s go over some points on how exactly you should be flossing.

Break off the right piece of floss

According to the ADA, you should be using approximately 18 inches of floss when you floss your teeth. So grab a piece of floss and wrap it around your index fingers, leaving a taut, 2-to-3 inch stretch of floss between your fingers. Place your thumbs on your index fingers to stabilize the floss.

(Note: As you finish one area of flossing, be sure to adjust the floss so that you’re not using the same area twice.)

Floss in a C-motion

One common mistake that people make while flossing their teeth is to go in a straight line down between the teeth. But one of the most common spots where plaque and other debris pile up is right under the edges of the teeth. So as you bring the floss between two teeth, curve it around the tooth and go below the gum line. Go back and forth to get everything out, leaving nothing to dilute your beautiful teeth and gums.


As you glide between each tooth, gently use a zig-zag motion to capture all of the debris. Be careful not to snap the floss between your teeth, which would be damaging to your teeth.

Remember to floss daily, and if you take these tips into consideration, your oral health will drastically improve!

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