Your child’s baby teeth may not seem important enough to take care of. But, doing so and teaching your children to take care of them will establish healthy habits for their futures. If you’re not sure when to start or what to do, here are a few helpful tips and information.

When should their teeth come in

Babies have 20 teeth in their jaws when they’re born. They’ll start to appear between 6 months and one year. They won’t finish coming in for a while as the molars can come in between their first and third birthdays. Most children’s teeth come in entirely by the age of three. During the teething process, it’s helpful for them to chew on teeth rings or have their hums rubbed with a cold washcloth.

How to care for their teeth

When they’re young, wiping their gums with a washcloth will clean their gums well enough. When teeth start to appear, it’s important to take care of them before decay can begin. As their teeth begin to come in, then you can use a tiny bit of toothpaste on a small, child’s toothbrush to clean them. Brush twice a day for them until you’re comfortable with them brushing by themselves.

When to go to the dentist

The perfect time to take your baby to the dentist is after they have at least one tooth and before their first birthday. By taking your kids to the dentist early, you can learn how to clean their teeth properly and how to handle thumb sucking, pacifiers and bottle habits.

Why baby teeth are important

When your child is learning to speak, the teeth play a prominent role. When they pronounce their “th” sound or the letters “f” and “s,” the tongue hits against the back of your teeth. Without them, it becomes difficult to say those letters and words, giving them a lisp. Healthy baby teeth allow them to begin babbling and learning how to talk to you.

Schedule your visit

Teach your children to have healthy oral habits while they’re young, and they’ll practice them their whole life and have beautiful, healthy teeth! If it’s time for their first dentist visit or their fifth, please call and schedule your appointment today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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