Some people will go to extreme lengths to brighten their teeth. In fact, from over-the-counter strips to professional treatments at a dentist’s office, the options for achieving bright pearly whites are endless.

Unfortunately, each remedy has its pros and cons. Some aren’t able to whiten every single tooth, while others could result in tooth sensitivity.

If you’re looking for a better and easier way to achieve a brighter smile, what would it take? What if this way for a whiter smile was as simple as eating a few food groups?

Well, the good news is you are in luck! Thanks to Mother Nature, there are organic ways to protect your smile and reveal a natural whiteness without the harsh products— even on those hard-to-reach molars.

Several foods like raw vegetables and fresh fruits contain key ingredients that shield teeth from decay and can combat plaque. Take a look at these foods below to help you achieve a brighter smile with every bite.


Many people scoff at the idea of eating broccoli, but its nutrients should outweigh any negative feelings that people might have. However, to gain the full benefit for your teeth, you would have to eat the broccoli raw instead of steaming it.

The cool thing about eating broccoli raw is that it can act as a natural toothbrush that can clean teeth as you chomp away. Plus, the high levels of iron can coat the enamel to help ward off stains, harmful bacteria, and acid erosion.


Don’t throw the peel away! Don’t worry, you won’t be eating the peel in some attempt to gain a whiter smile. After you thoroughly wash off the peel, rub the inside portion across the enamel of your teeth. This will help fight off tartar build-up while minimizing plaque.

Contrary to popular belief, orange peels are not acidic like other citrus counterparts. The skin of the fruit contains variants of vitamin C, which can be a substitute for harsh teeth whiteners.


A paste made of strawberries and baking soda has been known for years to reveal a naturally whiter smile. The malic acid in the bright fruit acts as a whitener from Mother Nature, but brushing afterward is a must since the berry also contains sugars.


Many people maintain that carrots are good for eyesight and famous cartoon rabbits but not much else. This delicious and crunchy vegetable treat also has the power to combat staining on your teeth because of its abrasive surface.

The next time you chomp on some carrots, try rubbing the bright roots against your teeth for a quick, smooth polish.


A healthy balance of phosphorous and calcium is what you’re shooting for. Both of these important minerals can be found in cheese. Lactic acids in cheeses will help guard teeth against future decay. Cut a hard slice like aged Gouda. The tough surfaces can also nix stains that are caused by the build-up of food particles.

We hope you find success in your journey to a brighter and whiter smile. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact our office today, and we’ll help you the best way we can.

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