Lasers and dentists – two ideas that might sound intimidating to some people! So why put lasers to point at your gums while you’re in the dentist’s chair, you ask?

The following benefits of laser dentistry might put your apprehensions at ease:

It Saves Time

Laser cutters can reduce the cutting time of the relevant tissue in half, leaving the dentist to focus on the procedure intently, and saving you time. Also, in most laser procedures, anesthesia isn’t required, as lasers aren’t as painful as conventional cutters and drills. So you and your dentist get to save time on one procedure less.

Fewer Visits To The Dentist

Laser dentistry enables the dentist to plan and carry out the dental tasks in just one visit, as opposed to the various appointments that are required for conventional procedures. The laser technology has given trained dentists the ability to perform many procedures that were previously referred to specialists. It also enables the laser-trained dentist to focus their attention on the affected region in just one visit, saving you the hassle of multiple visits for a single issue.

Accuracy and Precision

Since lasers are sharper than regular hand-held cutting tools, they can attack the affected gum, tissue or cavity with a much higher precision, leaving the surrounding areas unaffected.

Reduced Trauma

Conventional high-speed drills can lead to cracks and fractures in the teeth. Lasers, being precise and impacting only the area that needs to be worked upon, minimize damage to healthy areas of the tooth, and reduce trauma.

No To Minimal Stitches Required

The dentist’s lasers come specialized for special purposes. Most dental procedures require soft-tissue laser cutting, which most often does not require stitches afterward.

Less Bleeding

The high intensity of the laser light beam helps in the clotting of exposed blood vessels, leading to no to very minimal blood loss compared to traditional procedures. This also minimizes post-operation swelling.

Bye Bye Infections

Since the high heat of laser technology makes the operated area sterile, bacterial infections have lesser chances of developing.

Lasers On My Gums– Are They Safe?

No need to worry! The use of laser technology in dental treatments is common and as reliable as the knife in your dentist’s hand. It is generally safe as long as it is being administered by a dentist certified in laser dentistry with the right know-how.

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